Dijana Handanovic (2018)

Tuan Duy Mai (2017)

Ghazal Salimian (2017)

Emine Canak (2017)

Ingrid Sekse (2017)

Marta de las Heras (2016)


Alejandro Sanz (2009)


Rafael Ureña (2008)


Natalia Varela (2005-2006)

Borja Arellano (2005-2006)

Marta Rodriguez (2005-)

Tuan Mai started his architecture career in Vietnam after graduating from Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture (HCMUArc) in 2011. Enthusiasm for advancing the future professional practice has brought him back to school; he is currently perusing the Master of Architecture program at the University of Houston.
Ghazal Salimian was born in Tehran, Iran (1991) and graduated with a bachelor of Architectural Engineering from Art University of Tehran in 2015.She started practicing architecture in Tehran, and to pursue her graduate education she moved to the States and now she is a student getting her Masters in Architecture at University of Houston.
Emine Canak was born in Kahramanmaras, Turkey. She obtained a Bachelor of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design with honors from Hacettepe University. Upon graduation, she was granted scholarship from Ministry of National Education in Turkey for Master and PhD. degrees. She gained her Master’s Degree in Architecture from University of Houston.
Ingrid Sekse was born in Stavanger, Norway (1983). She graduated with a master of Technology (engineering) from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2008. Her passion for architecture took her back to school after working a few years as a project manager for architectural projects. She has her bachelor degree from London South Bank University and her master from University of Houston.

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