Petite Architecture:
From the Chair to the City
Kazuyo Sejima: Radical Architect
Catastrophic Architecture

Rodriguez's scholarly work has demonstrated her deep commitment to innovation in architecture. The coherence of her research is based on three essential principles: a holistic approach within the discipline, an interdisciplinary approach beyond the field of architecture and beyond scales, and a transnational and cross-cultural approach.

For over a decade, Marta Rodriguez has focused on identifying the underlying causes that, since the 1980’s, have transformed Japan into the world’s optimum architectural laboratory. Currently, Rodriguez is working on a manuscript which centers on Sejima's independent practice and her contributions to contemporary architectural discourse over the last four decades. Rodriguez's investigation has included innovation in contemporary Japanese architecture, architectural reinvention focused on the transformation of suburbia, catastrophic architecture, and Petite Architecture.




Japanese Association of University Women (JAUW)

“Contemporary Japanese Architecture Before and After March 2011” Research Project

International Fellowship Program (Pending)


Erasmus+ Mundus Grant

Researcher at Graz University of Technology

International Program - Credit Mobility Project (Jan.-Feb. 2017) 2,900 €


Spanish Ministry of Innovation and Development

National Program Formación de Profesorado Universitario (FPU)

Scholarship (2008-2012) 58,240 .00 €


ETSAM - Polytechnic University of Madrid

Department of Design Studio

Theory and Criticism for the Architectural Project

Scholarship (2007-2008) 3,000 €


Fundación Caja de Arquitectos

Merit Award - ETSAV - University of Valladolid

Scholarship (2004) 7,200 €


Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture

Seneca Program - ETSAM - Polytechnic University of Madrid

Final Thesis Design Project - San Miguel Azores Islands

Highest Honor. Advisor: Prof. Juan Herreros

Scholarship (2003-2004) 4,440 €


Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture

Higher Technical School of Architecture - University of Valladolid

Department of Design Studio

The living space: questions

Scholarship (2002-2003) 2,104 €


Rafael del Riego High School

Valedictorian Scholarship for University Studies


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