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CREATIVE MORNINGS “My Commitment to Innovation in Architecture through Ethics and Elegance” by Marta Rodriguez

WiA Houston Mentoring Event Marta Rodriguez - Mentor

RICE U "Architecture for the Human: Through the Japanese Looking Glass" by Marta Rodriguez, PhD

ARTICLE "Le Corbusier in ‘Simple Lines:’ Toyo Ito" by Marta Rodriguez

BOOK Authors.- Juan Antonio Cortés, Yayoi Kawamura, Marta Rodriguez, Enric Massip-Bosch, Pedro Luis Gallego, Pilar Garcés, Kiyoshi Sey Takeyama, Jin Taira, Norihiko Dan, José Juan Barba y José Manuel González Vázquez

INTERVIEW “Not less is more, but more in less. Japan is advanced in that.” Dr. Marta Rodriguez

REBUTTAL Feminism and Architecture by Marta Rodriguez

PECHAKUCHA The New School Parsons Blog - New York Debate between Richmond and Rodriguez

EXHIBITION Cassina & Internum “Charlotte Perriand, pioneer of Petite Architecture” Video by Marta Rodriguez

PETITE ARCHITECTURE Cover Magazine by Denna Jones "Historian Marta Rodriguez describes the conflation of architecture and furniture as ‘petite architecture’—habitable technological furniture, with sensuality as a hallmark where objects conflate into residence, machine and furniture."

AWARD “The famous architect Rafael Moneo qualifies as realistic the project by Marta Rodríguez" by Fidela Mañoso "Rafael Moneo praised the lightness of the project and its attention to the context and the site, which it can be understood 'in continuous relationship with the park'."


YOUNG TALENTS Awards - Competition to design the Building for Science - University of Valladolid Second Prize: Marta Rodríguez Fernández

TEK-HOMES "Marta Rodriguez knew how to make us travel along the XX century through furniture and architecture, from France to Japan and vice versa" by J.M. Reyes

AIA HOUSTON "Petite Architecture: Charlotte Perriand & Kazuyo Sejima" by Marta Rodriguez

PhD Dissertation Defense ETSAM

SCIENCE PO Seminar The Legacy of Metabolism: Rethinking the City of the Future in Post-Bubble Japan. by Adrian Favell & Marta Rodriguez

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