pechakucha Marta Rodriguez Houston


"The Paradox of the New City" (Madrid, June 2018)

"My Commitment to Innovation in Architecture through Ethics and Elegance” (Houston, May 2018)


“Catastrophic Architecture: Lessons from Japan” (Honolulu, April 2018)


"Architecture and Society: Partners in Crime” (St. Louis, April 2018)


"Architecture: Designing Spaces for the Theater of Life" (Houston, March 2018)


"Kazuyo Sejima: Radical Architect" (Houston, November 2017)


"Architecture for the Human: Through the Japanese Looking Glass" (Houston, April 2017)


“Petite Architecture Linked to Technological Revolutions and the Flourishing of Urban Nomadism” (Valladolid, Nov. 2015)


“Le Corbusier in ‘Simple Lines’: Toyo Ito” (Valencia, Nov. 2015)


“The Role of Toyo Ito & Kazuyo Sejima in the Domestic Adventure of the 1980s in Japan” (St. Louis, Oct. 2015)


 “The Domesticity Adventure of the 1980s in Japan" (Chicago, April 2015)


“Petite Architecture: Charlotte Perriand and Kazuyo Sejima” (New York, April 2015)


“Petite Architecture: Charlotte Perriand & Kazuyo Sejima. A Transnational History”  (Houston, Jan. 2015)


“Transnational Architecture & New Femininity” (Seoul, June 2014)


 “Petite Architecture”  (Houston, April 2014)


“The Legacy of Metabolism: Rethinking the City of the Future in Post-Bubble Japan” Seminar, with Adrian Favell (Paris, May 2013)


“The Inmersive Documentary. An Approach,” with L.A. Gutierrez (Avanca, Oct. 2011)


“Charlotte Perriand. Un mestizaje Europa-Japón” (Valladolid, Nov. 2011)


“The urban model designed by the Japanese Metabolist movement as a revolutionary proposal of sustainable city. Application to the town of Bajos de Haina, Dominican Republic,” with L.A. Gutierrez (Naples, July 2010)



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