Utopian Project

Facts. There is a "geography of ghost buildings" in Spain. Some of these skeletons with façade are called "the other Seseña", in "honor" to the famous urbanization of the Pocero.

Action. The project proposes the reuse of these brick conglomerates, obsolete before being inhabited. The prototype "Maceta" (The Pot) is applicable to all types of constructions. We propose to start revitalizing the Seseña blocks, reusing their buildings as containers for a new natural ecosystem.

Reference. The project is inspired by the romantic idea of architectural ruin, whose collapsed roof allows vegetation to take over the architecture from its entrails. That natural life is shown to the outside through its windows, as a gaze to a mysterious and insurmountable interior.

Concept. The goal is to re-inhabit the facades of this ghost architecture, creating a new habitat inside. The vegetation displaces the individual to the spatial facades, which are filled with community activity, reminding the concept of famous "corralas" of Madrid.

Construction. The buildings are perforated with thin 7cm metal tubular pillars, which will become structural staircases. The incisions will take place in pairs of two, separated 80cm. This acupuncture action will take place at a variable distance from the facade, between 1.20m to 2.40m, allowing the emptying of the interior of the building.

Future. While we continually violate the soul of the buildings of our cities, conserving only their historical facades, like lifeless masks, now the façade will be loaded with dignity and inhabited. The buildings will not contain pots-to Adolf Loos's rejoicing-the buildings will be the pots.

Atelier Marta Rodriguez | Architecture | Houston I Madrid | © AtelierMartaRodriguez

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